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G Month of Build 1 Janruary
top 2 February
  3 March
  4 April
  5 May
  6 June
  7 July
  8 August
  9 September
  10 October
  11 November
  12 December


H Week of Build A First week
top B Second week
  C Third week
  D Fourth week
  E Fifth week


I Extirior Options  
top D80 Spoilers F/R
  X11 Style Trim 
  X22 Style Trim SS-396
  X33 Style Trim Z28
  X44 Base model 
  X55 Base model Z27
  X66 Base model SS-396
  X77 Base model Z28
  Z10 Pace Car Coupe
  Z11 Pace Car Convertible

A Camaro Type 
12337 Coupe 6 Cylinder
12367 Convertible 8 Cylinder
12437 Coupe 8 Cylinder
12467 Convertible 6 Cylinder
B Plant NOR Norwood Ohio
top VN Van Nuys California
D Interior Style  
top 711 Standard Black
  712 Deluxe Black
  713 Houndstooth-Black
  714 Houndstooth-Yellow
  715 Standard Blue
  716 Deluxe Blue
  718 Standard Red
  719 Deluxe Red
  720 Houndstooth-Orange
  721 Standard Light Green
  722 Deluxe Light Green
  723 Standard Dark Green
  725 Deluxe Dark Green
  727 Standard Ivory (white)
  729 Houndstooth Ivory (white)
  A White Convertible Top
  B Black Convertible TopB Plant NOR Norwood Ohio
C Car Number This number signifies what car it was off the assembly line.

E & F E=Body Color
F=Color (If letter then vinyl top color)  
top 10 Black
  50 Dover White
  51 Dusk Blue
  52 Garnet Red
  53 Glacier Blue
  55 Turquoise
  57 Fathom Green
  59 Frost Green
  61 Bunished Brown
  65 Olympic Gold
  67 Burgandy
  69 Cortez Silver
  71 LeMans Blue
  72 Hugger Orange
  76 Daytona Yellow
  79 Rally Green
  B Black vinyl top
  C Blue vinyl top
  E Parchment vinyl top
  F Brown vinyl top
  S Green vinyl top
  (No Code) *Custom Ordered Paint
Vin Decoding