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I have stripped many 67, 68, and 69 camaros over the last few years. I have a lot of nice original parts left, including many small parts. Available while they last. Minimum orders shipped $10. Inexpensive shipping available for as little as $4 on many small items. Cash in advance only. Sorry, no CODS. Digital photos available upon request. All parts are used and in good condition unless otherwise stated. If you want an item refurbished, sand blasted, painted or polished, I will do this on a time and material cost basis, otherwise, parts are original condition.
​Steve Reinero E-Mail
Roseville California

E-Mail: webmaster

Many items have been added to inventory that might not be listed. Please state your request. Rare options are not listed. They will be discussed as requested only. Market prices on Rare options (I like to keep them). All items, including sheetmetal, are California parts with no fatal rust.

All pricing is on a"As Quoted Basis" Please send me an email at with the items you are looking for.

AC compressor mount brackets 69 sb complete set of original, repainted
air cleaner assembly 68 original 327, 210 HP, 2 barrel
air cleaner assembly 69 original 307
air cleaner assembly 69 original 4bbl 327
alternator Bracket 69 BB Lower
alternator Bracket 69 BB Upper
alternator brackets 69 sb, 3 pc set
3 pc set armrest base 68 LH/RH black with chrome moulding in center,.
ash tray 69
ash tray door 69
ashtray 68 woodgrain (woodgrain outside looks excellent, inside is rusty from use
astrovent 69 LH dash astro vent
astro-vent bezel 67-68 interior RH/LH chrome/blk $2, vent ball $2, Rear retainer ring
axles10 bolt rear 67-69 these are just the axles, not the whole rear end..
battery tray 67-69
brackets, all engines, all accessories 67-69
brake distribution switch block 67-69
brake distribution switch block bracket 67-69
brake drums 67-68 front
brake drums 69 front finned
brake hose support bracket 69 rear
brake light switch 67-69 with and without power brakes
brake line brackets 67-69 front, for drum brakes
bumper bracket 69 rear center mount
bumper brackets 67-68 rear for 4 pc. set,
4pc set bumper brackets 69 front
bumper rear 67-68, good used condition, straight,
bumperettes 67 or 69 rear, in good used condition,
chrome dash knobs: 67-68 All
cigarette lighters 67-69 and retainers,
clutch Fork
clutch linkage, includes countershaft Z-bar 67-69 sb,
coat hangers 67-69 black
coil mount bracket 67-69 original
column shift gear indicator housings 67-68
console center shift plate 69 for automatic transmission,
console complete center shift plate 67 powerglide ,
console rear ashtray lid 68-69
console wiring harness for an automatic
control arms 67-69 Upper
courtesy light brackets 67-69 under dash .
courtesy lights, 67 deluxe interior, two with wiring,
cowl vent panel 67-69
cowl vent panel 67-69
dash 67-68 Section of the steel that mounts the factory radio ( cut from 67 )
dash gauge lens 67-68
dash metal for air conditioning 67-68 Complete, uncut radio area
dash plastic carrier, 69 Complete, uncut radio area
disc brake steering knuckles 67-69 in good condition
distributor 68 327 original, complete unit in good condition
door hinges, several good used 68 and 69 camaros, sorry no 67s left
door jamb switch 67-69 door latch mechanisms 67-69 good used .
door opening handles 68-69 inside (originals in good condition) with plasticwasher
door opening mechanisms 67-69 inside standard
door Striker 67-69
drip rail chrome 67-69 LH/RH pillar post $6ea, corners Main rail .
drive shaft yoke 67-69 fits all but Turbo 400 or fine spline M22
drum Brake Hub assembly 67-69
drum brake steering knuckles 67-69 in good condition
drum Brake, 67-69 Front Backing Plates, sandblasted and painted black,
emblems V-Flags 67 396 turbo-jet front fender ( used, in good condition)
emergency brake cable 67-69
emergency brake cable brackets
emergency brake cable metal connectors 67-69
emergency brake pedal assembly 67-68
emergency brake pedal assembly 69
engine lift Brackets 67-69 BB or SB
engine parts good used, BB and SB V8, rocker arms, pushrods, bolts,rods, pistons etc, As Quoted
fender extensions 67-68, good condition
fender skirt to firewall bracket 67-69 LH rubber splash guard
fender to radiator support arms 67-69
fender well 67-68 LH or RH front ea
fender well to firewall brackets
frame rubber stoppers 67-69 original rear mount brackets
front Suspension Center Link Bar with tie rod ends, adjuster sleeves 67-69,
fuel gauge 67
fuel gauge 68
fuel tank 67-68, in good condition
fuel tank filler door 69
gas pedal 67-69 with retaining pin and spring original chrome trim plate
gas tank to gas cap sleeve 67-68 rubber, includes lower metal ring
glass 68-69 door, some with original astro ventilation markings
glovebox door 67-68 catch plate with screws
set grill metal clips 68 used ( 12 pc. set)
harmonic balancer 67-69 350 chevy large 8 inch heavy duty
hazard warning knob 69 original chrome knob, not the replacement black plastic
headlamp bezels 67 NOS.
headlamp mounting bucket 67-69
headlamp switch complete with switch knob , retaining nut , and bezel
headlight dimmer switch 67-69
headlight retaining rings
headlight switch 69
headlights 67-69 original T-3 used, tested and in good working order
headliner bows 67-69, 5 piece set
headliner retaining pieces 67-69, these are the front metal pieces
headliner trim 69 Coupe Black, all 4 pieces, in good shape
heater box 68 inner No ac,
heater box assembly, for car with ac 69 inner, with heater core
heater control levers 67-68
heater controls 67-68 complete not broken with ac
heater controls 67-69 with one broken arm
heater controls 69 complete not broken with ac
heater hose bracket 67-69, mounts on passenger inner fender
heater hose retainer 67-68 SB V8 ac, mounts on lower front compressor bracket
hood 67-69 standard in good condition
hood hinge and spring 67-69 RH
hood hinge springs 67-69 SS
hood latch 67
hood latch 67-68 RS
hood latch 68
hood latch 69
hood stop bolts and locknuts 67-69
hood to cowl panel seal 67-69 ( rubber strip )
hubcaps 67 flat disc brakes style very nice set of 4
hubcaps 67 simulated mag style very nice
hubcaps 68 full size standard in average condition
hubcaps 69 dog dish Chevrolet, Perfect!
intake,67 original 4 barrel
jack components 67-69 complete sets Parts available too. Price as quoted
kick panels 67-8, non-ac black kick panels, these are in good shape .
kick panels 69, ac black kick panels, these are in good shape
kick panels 69, non-ac black kick panels, these are in good shape
leaf spring 67-69 front eye bracket
leaf spring shackles 67-69 per side
license lamp 67-69, complete
license plate bracket 67-68 front
lock cylinder trunk retaining bracket 67-68
marker lamps and bezels 68 excellent used, full 8 pc.set, Individual lenses
master cylinder pushrod boot 67-69
mirror bracket and boot 68-69 interior rear view, black
muncie shifter mount bracket 67-68
original timing chain cover 67-69 BB or SB $20.00
package shelf metal 67-69 piece to repair where speakers were cut in $40.00
parking lamp assemblies 67-68 RS front
parking lamp assemblies 67-68 Standard front
parking lamp housings 69 front
pillar post mouldings 68 or 69 coupe black
power Brake Hose 67-69 SB ( check valve, hose, metal line)
power steering brackets 69 original, complete set of correct brackets
power steering gearbox, complete with pitman arm, all in good condition
powerglide shift cable bracket 68-69
powerglide vacuum tube 67-69
pulley, crankshaft ( with or without ac) 67-68 SB
pulley, crankshaft (deep groove), 67-68 SB Z28
pulley, crankshaft power steering driver 67-68 SB
pulley, fan 67-68 SB (with or without ac)
pulleys, other misc. BB and SB applications
rear speaker grill 67-69 original, in nice shape
rearend,10 bolt differential unit, not posi, in excellent condition, with 273 >gears
rearend,10 bolt differential unit, not posi, in excellent condition, with 308 >gears
rocker channel metal flashing 67-69 interior floor ( 4pc set ) Have separates too.
set rubber bumpers or plastic and nick-nacks 67-69 (I have 2 buckets full)
seat 67-69 coupe rear, standard, black, bottom
seat back knobs and side knobs 67-69
seat back latching mechanism 67-69 driver side
seat back panels 68-69 black, in good shape .
seat mounting tracks 67-69 each seat
seat side hinge covers 67-69 black
seatbelt 67-69 black shoulderstrap
seatbelts 67-69 female part plastic $15 ea., stainless
seatbelts 67-69 male part both std and deluxe
shifter assembly 69 automatic
sill plates 67-69
spark plug wire stands 67-69 SB
speaker mount bracket 67-69 front dash
speedometer 67
speedometer 68
speedometer cable with casing 67-69 Great shape
starter Brace 67-69
steering column 69 Floorshift
steering column cradle bracket 67-68 ( supports column to dash )
steering column cradle bracket 69 ( supports column to dash )
steering column lock linkage setup to transmission 69
steering column through firewall mounting bracket, 67-69,
steering wheel horn wiring and contacts 69 Original
subframe 67-69 front (frame only) specify year
sunvisor brackets 67-69 coupe with decent chrome
support brace 69 grill to radiator
sway bar 67-69 original stock front
taillight lens and housing assembly 69 LH or RH
taillight lense and housing assembly 67-68 LH or RH
thermostat housing 67-69 original correct for all V8 engines except 67-68 Z28
transmission 68 Original pg
transmission crossmember 67-69 ( big block 4 speed )
transmission crossmember 67-69 ( small block )
transmission crossmember 67-69 ( TH400)
transmission kickdown switch TH400,
transmission Mount 67-69 (T-350 and powerglide)
trunk latch assembly 67-69
trunk lid hinge torque rod 67-69
turbo 350 67-69 front driveshaft yoke
turbo 350 shift cable bracket 68-69
turbo 400 kickdown switch mounting bracket 67-69 original
turbo350 vacuum modulator line 69
vacuum advance line clip 67-69 bolts to intake and holds vacuum advance line in place
valve covers 67 327 original
valve covers 68 327 original
valve covers 68 396 original need chrome
valve covers 69 307, 327, or 350 original
valve covers 69 396 original need chrome
pair vinyl top mouldings 67-69
windlace door jamb 68-69 LH/RH black
window chrome moulding 67-69 vertical edge on quarter,
window Crank plastic washer 67-69
window glass 67-69 quarter, coupe. clear
window rear inside corner pieces 67-69 original, no rust,
window regulators 67-69 rear,.
window regulators 68-69 front for standard interiors, .
windshield chrome moulding pieces 67-69 coupe lower front
windshield moulding clips 67-69 lower front, have all 8,
windshield squirters 67-69
windshield washer bottle and mounting bracket 67-69
windshield Washer Pump Plastic Cover 67-69
windshield wiper switch 67-68 . Knob with retaining nut and bezel
windshield wiper switch 69
wiper arms 67-69
wiper bell crank assy. 67-69
wiper motor 68-69
wiring harness 67 RS lights (I have 3)
wiring harness 67-69 engine (I have several of each year)
wiring harness 67-69 front to rear (I have several of each year)
wiring harness 67-69 headlights (I have several of each year)
wiring harness 67-69 rear lights (I have several of each year)
wiring harness 67-69 underdash (I have several of each year)
Mint Original Enduro bumpers, & brackets
Original Enduro load rest riveted assembly
Original 69 RS and Standard tail lamp housings
Original 67/68 tail lamp housings
Door latch window mechanism and glass channels & hardware
AM radios 67 68 69
69 AM/FM radios
67/68 AM/FM radios
Late 69 & 70 Yellow light radios
Blue light AM/FM stereo -chevelle multiplex
NOS 68/69 pair door weather-strips
Trunk weather-strip NOS & repro
dozen of nice original used consoles
A/C dash Pad repro
Original Kick panels
stack of LH 69 RS or Std Fender inners(skirts)
68 Inner fenders for RS
68/69 NOS Derby caps
67 center caps disc Brake Nice used original & repro
69 tachometer dash clusters
69 7000 & 8000 tachometers
69 speed minder
68 speed minder
67 speed minder
69 cruise control
69 heater control units
67/68 heater control units
NOS GM inner 69 Fender skirts
68 Mint cowl plenum air cleaner for Z28
NOS Hood hinges & springs
NOS 69 wiper pump
tons of misc seatbelts
BB starter heat shields
BB A/C case
Mint 69 black A’ pillar trim
Super nice quarter windlace
Original 4-speed speedo cable clips
#403 bell housings
NOS cowl vent panel
NOS 68 RS fenders
#293 coils
#270 coil
Coil brackets nice originals Cowl Induction & Std
67-68 horns
69 horns
GM # pitman arms nice originals
69 dated Driver side door mirrors NOS & used original
NOS antenna cables
Cowl flapper frame and valves NOS and original
Axle rubber bumper
Original Multi leaf shock plates
Original Leaf spring buckets
correct heat duct for all 68/69 console cars
washer bottle brackets NOS nice originals
67/68 Z28 thermostat housings
67-69 Alum #660 housings for all Alum intake cars
P/S brackets BB SB NOS used originals
P/S pumps and boxes & hoses
Remote mirror 68 repro
68/69 NOS fuzzies
repro fuzzies
NOS E-brake cables
Ash trays fronts rears and consoles
seatbelt bolts
Smog parts 68 69 Z28 & 69 lower BB bracket
Original 69 BB & Z28 smog pulley
Door hinges original rebuilt and repro
motor mounts Z28
Frame mounts Z28
Rosewood steering wheels
Walnut Steering wheels
tilt 67/68 F/S column rebuilt
67/68 std floor shift columns
69 tilt correct 3-position rebuilt
Dated jacks
67/68 calipers
69 calipers
disc brake 69 conversions
NOS rocker spears
69 RS headlamp door assy all NOS bucket-door
front & rear glass stainless complete sets polished
vinyl top moldings polished
gutter drip edge stainless polished
67/68 BB shrouds original used
NOS GM 21" GM shrouds
NOS GM 23" GM shrouds
NOS 69 GM shrouds
Rosewood dash set
radio delete orange correct NOS Packard plug wires
dip sticks new and used
disc brake spindles
69 3138 Hurst shifter body’s
69 302 balancers NOS
chambered exhaust hangers reproduction
69 NOS tail pipe hangers
Orange & Black 68/69 Deluxe door panels Al Knock
69 Z28 non-dripper valve covers
AD wheels
XT wheels
YA wheels
YJ wheels
AO wheels
restored 69 dash cluster lens pairs
cocktail shakers
67/68 RS NOS GM riveted grilles (also used one)
67 std grille & lamps assy
Cowl induction flange and seals
Cowl Induction Flat bottom bases power coated
Automatic and 4-speed versions
Original Z28 extension rings
Original SS 350 Extension ring
original cowl induction wiring harness
original hood insulator clips
69 NOS GM wheel lip moldings
69 std NOS GM tail lamp lens pairs
69 Cowl Hood NOS GM
67-69 SS hood
flat hoods
69 RS front grille NOS GM
69 RS front grille molding NOS GM
69 Lower valance NOS GM
68 Lower valance
69 Header panel NOS GM
67/68 Header Panel NOS GM
69 tail lamp panels NOS GM
69 Convertible quarter panels pairs NOS GM
69 Coupe quarter panel pairs NOS GM
68 Std fenders NOS GM
67 RS Fenders NOS GM
69 dated Delco Original Z28 spiral shocks
Q-jets carbs 69 camaro
BB hi horse D/G pulleys all years (some NOS)
SS 350 pulleys
A/C BB & SB pulleys
Z28 D/G pulleys
68-69DZ carbs
67 Z starter #367
69 #309 master cylinders dated
X-ram parts
NOS Delco cowl induction solenoids
NOS 30AMP relay
NOS #515 Voltage regulator
NOS 67/68 front License plate brackets
NOS 69 front License plate brackets
NOS rear license plate lamp assy
#814 68 Z28 & BB Alternator
NOS 69 Backup lens
NOS emblems
Many 67-69 RS parts
NOS 68/69 Actuators
#480 distributor
#499 Distributor
rear defrosters
#9204 boosters
#9078 Booster
P9A02B #660 Muncie case
#065 water pumps
#170 Water pumps
4-clip style original trim rings
fast ratio steering arms
Delco NOS Brown ZL1 L88 distributor cap
Original 69 RS actuators shields
BB shifter rods original
SB ss350 & Z28 original shifter rods
69 original lockout bell cranks
BB original Muncie shifter bracket
Z28 original Muncie shifter brackets
68 BB P/S 7 bracket
NOS GM 68 headlamp buckets
69 NOS GM std front grilles
68 tic-tock-tachometer
69 clocks
69 center fuel gauges
console clock assy & pod....