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This page was last updated: March 5, 2013
2010 Centennial Edition Indy Camaro reported this week there will be a 2010 Centennial edition camaro.  click the link below to read the full story.  
Looking to buy automotive manuals for your camaro?  The Motor Book Store is a great resource for books on restoring your camaro.  They also carry replica owner manuals, assembly manual and brochures. 
Camaro Restorations uses many of the books available on this site  when performing concourse restorations.  If you are wanting to go the extra mile a well stocked library is a necessary tool in order to achieve the highest level of restoration.   
Camaro Restoration Books
Mark Stielow's latest camaro is thought to be his best.  Visit Hot Rod's web site to read the full story on this
700 HP L79 powered camaro.
The 1969 camaro's name is  "Jackass"!!! I think you would have to be one not to love this car. 
Mark Stielow's Latest Camaro
In June 2004, Camaro-Restorations was contacted by representatives of the Danbury Mint Automobilia Collection. It so happens that they track inquiries.  Data collection had determined that automobilia collectors were looking for a correct diecast representation of a 1967 Camaro convertible.
To read the whole story and see pictures of how a die cast is created click the following link......
Modeling the Blue Marvel

Eric Brockmeyer of Melbourne, Fla.
( and builders
Roger Burman, Marshall Starrett and the team at Lakeside Rods & Rides
( of Rockwell City, Iowa,  turn a 1967 Camaro into the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association's 2010 Ridetech Street Machine of the Year.
67 Camaro takes a ride back to the future       
From The Detroit News:
Looking for a website to verify the authenticity of your 67,68,69 Camaro? Camaro Research Group has a lot of good information on first generation camaro's.
Camaro Research Group is alive
  Please visit the new website for a full list of services.   There you will find more on restoration services, Parts,  Company Bios, Projects, Consulting  and much more.